Ten Hag defends Onana, stating that Man Utd’s loss to Bayern was not due to Onana’s mistake, but rather a fault of the midfield – learn more

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Ten Hag Defends Onana, Blames Midfield for Man Utd’s Loss to Bayern Munich

Manchester United’s disappointing 3-4 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League opener has sparked discussions and debates, with all eyes on goalkeeper Andre Onana’s costly mistake. However, coach Erik Ten Hag has come forward to defend Onana, emphasizing that the loss was not solely his fault but rather a collective responsibility, particularly highlighting midfield shortcomings.

The Costly Mistake:
In the early stages of the match, Manchester United appeared to be in control. Still, it was Andre Onana’s significant error that led to Bayern Munich’s opening goal. Leroy Sane’s shot from outside the box wasn’t particularly threatening, but Onana’s failure to make a clean catch resulted in the ball slipping through his hands and into the net.

Bayern Munich seized the momentum, doubling their lead just four minutes later through Gnabry, leaving Manchester United facing an uphill battle.

Onana’s Apology:
Following the match, Andre Onana took full responsibility for his blunder and apologized to the team and fans. However, Coach Ten Hag was quick to shift the focus away from singling out the goalkeeper.

Ten Hag’s Defense:
Coach Ten Hag stood firmly behind Onana, asserting that the defeat was not solely the goalkeeper’s fault. Instead, he pointed to the underperformance of the midfield, singling out Christian Eriksen, who struggled throughout the game.

“We win as a team and lose as a team,” said Ten Hag, emphasizing the collective effort required to overcome challenges. He acknowledged that mistakes happen but stressed the importance of recovery and learning from them.

Recent Struggles:
Manchester United finds themselves in a challenging phase, as this loss marks the fourth defeat in their last five matches under Ten Hag’s leadership. Their recent struggles in the Premier League against Tottenham, Arsenal, and Brighton, along with this Champions League defeat, have raised concerns.

Looking Ahead:
Despite the setbacks, Ten Hag remains optimistic about the team’s future. He highlighted the significance of every match and urged the players to maintain their fighting spirit. With an upcoming fixture against Burnley, he emphasized the importance of capitalizing on good starts and staying resilient even when facing setbacks.

Injury Woes:
Adding to Manchester United’s woes, defender Harry Maguire sustained an injury just before the Champions League clash with Bayern Munich, further complicating matters for the team.

The loss to Bayern Munich has prompted a reassessment of Manchester United’s performance, with Coach Ten Hag defending Onana and calling for collective responsibility. As the team faces challenges on multiple fronts, their ability to bounce back and learn from their mistakes will be crucial in determining their future success.

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