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Here is a 516-word SEO optimized article on the custom Harley-Davidson Breakout “HD Breakout ‘Ohlins setup’” by Russian shop Box39:

Russian Custom Shop Box39 Takes Harley Breakout to Performance Heights

In the world of motorcycle customs, Russia’s Box39 shop has carved a niche for imaginative Harley-Davidson interpretations. Ranging from aggressive streetfighters to retro-futuristic marvels, Box39 constantly impresses. As proven by their latestSoftail Breakout transformation – the “HD Breakout ‘Ohlins setup.’”

Starting with a stock Harley Breakout rigid frame cruiser, Box39 worked suspension magic. Ohlins, renowned for elite racing systems, provided the front forks and rear shocks. Delivering a smooth yet taut ride experience on par with top-tier sportbikes. Augmenting cornering confidence and control across all road conditions.

Visually, Box39’s custom touches amplify the Breakout’s presence. Most noticeable are the exclusive Box39 wheels, with intricate hollow-spoked designs. Sized 21 inches up front and 18 inches at the rear, the wheels also help high-speed stability thanks to added gyroscopic mass.

Further enhancing the stance, Box39 installed a complete bodykit to alter the Breakout’s profile. Angled tank shrouds transition back to integrated side covers that trail below the seat. Matching front fender, chin spoiler and rear fender cap off the streamlined look.

To complete the luxurious ride experience, Box39 reupholstered the solo saddle in quilted leather. Offering superlative long-distance comfort for the fortunate rider owning this one-off creation. Its bespoke style shines brighter thanks to the Pearl White over Candy Teal two-tone paint with metal flake highlights.

The “HD Breakout ‘Ohlins setup’” demonstrates Box39’s obsessive dedication towards elevating Harley-Davidson’s models. Blending elite suspension performance with custom style, Box39 has created a Breakout uniquely their own. And surely raising eyebrows among fans of American V-Twins however it rolls up.